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Accelerations and Retentions
  • When to Consider Acceleration or Retention
  • Process to Follow for Acceleration or Retention
  • English Language Learner Acceleration/Retention
  • Students with Learning Disabilities Consideration
Age Appropriate Chart for Enrolling
  • Birthdate and Corresponding Grade Placement Chart
  • Age Chart
Birth Certificate Information
  • Birth Certificate Requirements
  • If a Birth Certificate is Not Provided
  • Inaccurate or Suspicious Birth Certificate
Birth Certificate Flowchart
  • Visual Guidelines for Birth Certificate Requirements
Charter/Online Schools Participation in Extra/Co-Curricular Activities
  • Participation in Extracurricular Activities
  • Participation in Co-curricular Activities
  • Enrollment at the JATC
Dual Enrollment Guidelines
  • A Dual Enrollment Student Is...
  • Dual Enrollment and Home School
  • Dual Enrollment and Private School
  • Taking a Class in Another School, District, or Tech School
Enrollment/Entity Counts - Current and Future
  • Student Enrollment Count by Entity Report
  • Entity Counts "At-A-Glance"
Entering a Student's Legal Name in Skyward
  • How to correctly enter a legal name
  • Using a Nickname or Preferred Name
  • Correcting the name spelling
Entry and Exit Codes
  • General Entry Code
  • Withdraw Codes and their Descriptions
First through Twelfth Grade Enrollment
  • Requirements for Enrollment
  • Students Returning from Public Charter School
  • Verification of Guardianship Form
  • Enrolling "Part-time" Students
Foreign Exchange Student Registration and Visas
  • Exchange Student Guidelines
Grade Placement
  • Military Child
  • Previously Retained or Accelerated
  • Home Schooled
  • Never Been in an Education Setting
  • Education Outside of the U.S.
  • Private Kindergarten to First Grade
  • Jordan School District Does Not Enroll...
  • McKinney Vento (homeless) grade placement
Kindergarten Enrollment
  • Age Requirement
  • Birth Certificate Requirement
  • Student Not Ready for Kindergarten
Kindergarten Registration
  • Establishing a Kindergarten Roster
  • Resources to "Recruit" New Kindergarten Students
  • New Student Online Enrollment for Kindergarten
Membership/Enrollment Accounting Guidelines
  • Entry Dates and Exit Dates
  • Membership Reporting
Open Enrollment/School Choice Permits
  • Submitting a Permit
  • Permit Guidelines
  • Standards for Accepting/Rejecting Permits
  • Early Enrollment Period
  • Late Enrollment Period
  • Students With Disabilities Permit Requests
  • Provisional Enrollment
  • Permit Longevity
  • Revoking a Permit
Pre-Enrolling a Student
  • Definition of "Pre-enroll"
  • Entering a Pre-enroll in Skyward
  • Pre-school Students to Kindergarten
  • Students Showing at the 900 Schools
  • Best Practice
Student Release Time From School/Part-time Enrollment
  • Guidelines for Release Time
  • Obtaining Credit for Release Time
  • Responsibility of School and Guardian
Youth in Care Enrollment (YIC Student)
  • YIC Students are Placed by Student Support Services
  • Entering a YIC Student in Skyward
  • Confidentiality of YIC Student

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