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Membership and Enrollment Guidelines

MANUAL - Membership and enrollment records are submitted to the Utah State Board of Education for each student via “UTREX” (an electronic file system). Funds for the school district are allocated through formulas based on membership and average daily attendance. Therefore, it is extremely important that student attendance and membership data is entered accurately. Therefore:

Every student who attends school shall be registered on the Skyward computer system:

  • Date of entry is the first day the student will be in class.
  • A running list of entries (per quarter) shall be kept on a “Quarterly Entries” form provided in the “School Resources” section of this manual.

A student shall be withdrawn the day after their last day of attendance:

  • Make the Skyward computer entry part of your checkout procedure.
  • Use the proper exit code.
  • A running list of exits (per quarter) shall be kept on a “Quarterly Exits” form provided in the “School Resources” section of this manual.

Print a Membership report from Skyward at least one time per quarter:

  • Check that each student attending the school is listed on the Membership Report by checking entry and exit dates on the logs and/or a Student Information Report.
  • Add the name of any student not listed on your report who is or has been enrolled at your school and is on a class roll up to and including the end of the quarter. Place the names at the end of the grade level listing and make the appropriate Skyward entry.
  • Withdraw any student who has attended but has since exited by drawing a line through the name and make the appropriate Skyward entry.
  • Watch for duplicate information.
  • Days belonging are figured automatically based upon the entry and exit dates. If you find a student record with zero membership, call Information Systems.
  • Notify Student Services quarterly verifying that school membership has been checked and all corrections have been made. It is not necessary to send the report to Student Services.


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