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Entering a Student’s Legal Name in Skyward

Manual - The full legal name as it appears (first, middle, and last) on the birth certificate shall be entered in its entirety in the Skyward Student System, including the full middle name. If a birth certificate does not designate which name is the first, middle or last, the rule is:

  • First Name = First letter from the left until first space
      • John Jacob Jingle-Heimer Smith, John is the first name
      • Eva Maria Gonzales-Espinosa Del Pino San Marco, Eva is the first name
  • Last name = First letter from the far right left to the first space
      • John Jacob Jingle-Heimer Smith, Smith is the last name
      • Eva Maria Gonzales-Espinosa Del Pino San Marco, San Marco is the last name
      • When the last name is commonly two parts, include both parts, ie. Van Horten, San Mateo
  • Middle name = Everything between the first name and last name
      • John Jacob Jingle-Heimer Smith, Jacob Jingle-Heimer is the middle name
      • Eva Maria Gonzales-Espinosa Del Pino San Marco, Maria Gonzales-Espinoza Del Pino is the middle name.

If the full name does not fit in Skyward, enter a "General Note" on the Profile tab in Skyward with the student's full name.  Call or email Information Systems so that they can update the student's name on the SSID# system based on the full name that was entered in the notes.

All permanent records, membership reports and transcripts must reflect the student’s full legal name. If a student wishes to use a nickname or a ‘preferred name’, enter the nickname in the “Other Name” or “Preferred Name” field in the Profile screen in Skyward. A teacher can then set their Skyward gradebook to display the “other name” or “preferred name”. Many of the Skyward reports will print using this setting.

Utah Administrative Code R277-419-10(4) allows schools to use a name other than what appears on a birth certificate provided the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) aver that there is a compelling need to protect their child. Please refer to the "Name Change Affidavit and Certification" procedures  for more information.

If a student’s name is added incorrectly, edit the profile screen and correct the name information.  This will update all the necessary systems associated with that name.  If a student record has been duplicated because of  incorrectly added birth certificate information, contact Information Systems to merge the duplicate data.  A student name change should not take place in Skyward without verification from an original or certified copy of the birth certificate, court documentation, or a Name Change Affidavit.  If you have a student that has had a name change, enter a General Note on the Skyward Profile tab showing what the name was and what it changed to. You can also add any details in the Comment Field. Call or email Information Systems to update the name on the student’s SSID#.


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