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Records & Retention

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  • Reports That May Be Used in an Audit
  • Vocational Education Classes & Audits
Cumulative (Permanent) Record Guidelines
  • Elementary School Cumulative Files
  • Middle School Cumulative Files
  • High School Cumulative Files
  • Maintain a Record of Files Sent and Received
  • Cumulative File Procedure for Student Death
  • Students Receiving Special Services Files
  • YIC Student Records
  • Non-transferred Student Records ("Dead Files")
Permanent Record Transfer by Mail, Fax or Email
  • Transferring Records Out of District
  • Transferring Records in District
  • Parent Request for Records upon Student Death
Processing Record Requests and Subpoenas
  • The school's responsibility
  • How a record is requested and filled
  • How a subpoena is fulfilled
Records Retention Schedule and Storage
  • Records Retention Schedule
  • Packaging Records for Permanent Storage
Request to Access/Amend Records by a Parent or Student
  • Request for Educational Records
  • Requestor's Rights to Records
  • Non-custodial Parent Requests for Records
  • Parent/Student Request to Amend a Record
Secure District Mail
  • Used to Transfer Files from One Location to Another
  • Used for Single File Transfer
  • Protects Personally Identifiable Information

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