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To view the latest information for JSD Attendance Codes (& Reason Codes) for sick, self-quarantined, or COVID-quarantined students, and 10-Day Withdrawal Clarification, CLICK HERE - Jordan School District Attendance Clarification - Updated 1/7/2021

10-Day Accounting, First Ten Days of School
  • No Show a Student Within the District
  • No Show (Withdraw) a Student to a School Outside the District
Attendance Accounting Information
  • Guidelines for Attendance¬†
Attendance Accounting - Elementary
  • Entering Daily Attendance and Codes
  • Attendance Codes NOT to Use
Attendance Accounting - Secondary
  • Entering Hourly Attendance and Codes
Attendance Codes
  • A Chart of Attendance Codes and Descriptions
Education/Vacation Leave
  • Marking Attendance
  • Making up Work
End-of-Year Attendance (Last 6 Days of School)
  • Definition of "Same As" Days
  • The Attendance Clone Utility
  • Running the Attendance Report
Ten-Day Absence Withdrawal Rule
  • Determining When to Withdraw
  • Notifying Guardian of Pending Withdraw
Truancy and Compulsory Education
  • Definition of Truancy
  • Truancy Guidelines
  • Truancy Resources
Virtual Learner Student and Friday Attendance 20-21
  • Attendance Taken the Last Day of the Week
  • Explanation of Minimum Participation
  • Attendance for Part-time Virtual Participants

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