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First through Twelfth Enrollment

MANUAL - Students enrolling for the first time in a Jordan School District school in grades one through twelve are required to provide an original or certified birth certificate issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics at the time of registration. If a birth certificate is not available, a 30-day grace period is available to allow the custodial legal parent(s) or guardian(s) time to obtain a birth certificate. A certified birth certificate means a birth certificate issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics. It will have a raised seal or a colored, embossed seal (§53G-6-603, Jordan School District policy AS63-Student Eligibility to Attend School). In rare cases, when an official birth certificate cannot be obtained, other reliable documents may be provided to the school as proof of birth (See also Birth Certificate Information in this manual).

Students moving to Jordan District with a custodial guardian or legal guardian will need a withdrawal from their previous school of attendance, immunization records, and copies of any academic records that assist in placing the student in appropriate classes. The previous school will send official school records to the new school once the student has officially enrolled. Additional enrollment information can be found at

At the legal custodial parent(s) or guardian(s) request, a student who finishes a full year of kindergarten in another state or in a private school may enter first grade if they are 5 years of age or older before September 2nd of the school year in which enrollment is sought. (Parents may also request that they are enrolled in kindergarten in this same scenario.) A child may be placed in first grade even though the child did not meet the entry day for kindergarten the previous year if a full year of kindergarten was completed in another state or private school, and there is convincing evidence that the child has the social, emotional and academic skills necessary to succeed in first grade (District policy AS63-Student Eligibility to Attend School). It is the responsibility of the legal custodial parent(s) or guardian(s) to provide such evidence.

If a student is returning to a Jordan District school from a Utah public charter school, the parent/guardian should give notice to the Jordan District school on or before June 30th. If notice is not given, the student may still be enrolled provided the school has adequate capacity in the student’s grade level or required core classes (§53G-6-503). If the school doesn’t have the necessary capacity, as a courtesy the school may refer the parent/guardian to another school with adequate capacity, or refer the parent/guardian to Planning and Enrollment for assistance.

If someone other than the legal guardian is enrolling the student, a “Verification of Guardianship” form is required from the Department of Planning and Enrollment. (See the “Custodial, Guardian and Parent Information” section in this manual under “Procedures”).

Home school or private school students may dual enroll in their Jordan District boundary school but must attend less than half time. (The “Grade Placement” guidelines shall be used when home or private school students enroll full-time in their Jordan District boundary school).

Charter and online school students are eligible to participate in extracurricular and/or co-curricular activities at their Jordan District boundary school (less than ½ time) provided the extracurricular or co-curricular activity is not offered by the student's charter or online school and provided they meet all other requirements as outlined in Utah Code §53G-6-702 and R277-494-3-5. (See the “Dual Enrollment” section in this manual under “Enrollment”).

Students who are homeless are allowed immediate enrollment in their proper grade, and are not excluded based on their ability to present the necessary documentation.  Homeless students may enroll in their current boundary school, the school the child last attended, or the school they attended before they lost their housing.  (See additional information for McKinney-Vento in this manual under “Procedures”).


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