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Boundaries, Maps & Bus Stops

Boundary Changes

Three school boundary changes have been considered by the Jordan School District Board of Education. Two changes would be implemented for Fall of 2021 and one change in the Fall of 2022. No secondary schools will be impacted by these proposed changes.  Visit  for a more detailed explanation.  The new elementary school boundaries may be viewed in the links below.

   Elementary School Boundaries 21-22    Elementary School Boundaries 22-23


As a result of student projections and boundary planning, our department has a variety of maps for school and public use. Individual school maps may also be found on each school's profile page on the Jordan School District website.

Jordan School District Featured Maps and Gallery

  Elementary School Boundary Map     JSD School Locations .pdf
  Middle School Boundary Map   High School Boundary Map

Bus Stop and Address Query

To determine which school your student should attend, click the "Find your School Boundary & Bus Stop" icon below to be directed to the Edulog WebQuery screen.  If the address indicates your student is "eligible" for a bus, click the school's link to see the available bus stops. You may confirm bus stop information with the Transportation Department at 801-567-8840 or your local school.

Find your School Boundary & Bus Stop