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Youth in Care Enrollment (YIC Student)

MANUAL - It is imperative that any parent, guardian or caseworker of a Youth in Custody student contact the District’s Student Support Services Department prior to enrolling a student in a Jordan District school.  A Youth in Custody student is one who is in the custody of the State of Utah through the Department of Human Services, or an equivalent agency of a Native American tribe where the legal guardian resides within the state, or who are being held in a juvenile detention facility (Utah Code §53E-3-503).  These students are placed at a particular school within the district after an extensive intake evaluation is provided through our Jordan School District Youth in Care Department.  Once the evaluation is complete, the YIC Specialist will provide the school with all the necessary documentation required to properly enroll the student.  At this time the student may then be enrolled with a District assigned permit code of “H”.

A YIC student may reside with a legal guardian in a foster family or a group home, although there may be cases where a student is living in a group home and the parent is still the legal guardian.  Be aware of these situations; a YIC student’s enrollment is processed differently than a student who was sent to a group home by their legal guardian (and not by the state).

When enrolling a YIC student in a foster family or group home, the foster family/group home becomes Family #1 in Skyward, and the caseworker is Family #2.  When the student is no longer in that foster family/group home, remove them from the household; do not delete the household.  Do not remove a student from a household unless they are assigned to a new address.

All information maintained in permanent form regarding a youth in custody student, regardless of the source of the information, is an educational record for purposes of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and is considered confidential student records. School records which refer to custodial status, juvenile court records, and related matters, shall be kept separate from permanent (cumulative) school records, but may still be requested and provided to various agencies as long as the records are legally and properly requested (R277-709-10).

For any additional information or questions regarding enrolling a YIC student, please contact the Student Support Services Youth in Care Specialist at 801.567.8328.


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