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Pre-enrolling a Student

MANUAL - Pre-enrolled students are “brand-new” students who enroll at the school and plan to attend the following school year. These students are not “promoted” or “pre- transferred” from another school. They are added to Skyward using the “Add” button or brought in to Skyward during the Online Enrollment process.  Schools may begin to pre-enroll students after the next year's calendars have been created and posted in Skyward (usually sometime in January).

When a student is pre-enrolled,  mark these fields as follows:

  • Current Status – Inactive
  • Next Year Status – Active
  • Use the student's current year grade (i.e. P4 for kindergarten).  Skyward automatically figures the grade level by the student’s birthdate.
  • Enrollment Date -
      • Traditional Schools – Use the first day of school enrollment; not the first day of student attendance.
      • Year-round Schools – Use the first day of A Track for next year’s calendar. (The actual track is assigned during the track scheduling process.)

Preschool Students to Kindergarten  Do not pre-enroll students who are currently active at school 800. The Skyward system will automatically pre-transfer the student to their boundary school or the preschool will promote the student to the appropriate school.

Pre-enrolled Kindergarten  The kindergarten enrollment process is done through New Student Online Enrollment or at the entity the kindergarten student will attend. If you wish to enroll a kindergarten student who already shows a pre-enrollment record at another school, contact the school that has the enrollment record to let them know the kindergarten student will attend your school in the fall, and then contact Information Systems to delete the original enrollment record, so the student may then enroll at your school.  (Pre-enrolled records cannot be pre-transferred.)

Proof of Residency  Proof of residency is not required at the time of pre-enroll, but is required once the new school year begins. This is the law. A proof of residency is also required on all address changes.

900 Schools’ Students  Do not pre-enroll students who are currently active at 900 schools. Student Services will promote (pre-transfer) the student to your school. Call Student Services when necessary.

Best Practice  It would be wise to do a district search for the student at Entity 000 in Skyward or on the state UTREX system to see if the student has an existing student number. It is very important to use student numbers which have already been assigned to students.

Reminder: Pre-enrolled students cannot be “promoted” or “pre-transferred” to another school.


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