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How are calendars created?  Guided by District policy, a committee approved by the Board of Education works to create school calendars for Jordan District. Committee members include one parent from every feeder area and at least two teachers, two school-level administrators, and two Education Support Professionals. Calendars are posted on this page once they have been approved by the Board of Education.


2020-21 Calendars  Board Approved December 10, 2019
Last Updated November 3, 2020
Preschool Calendar
Traditional Elementary School Portrait | Landscape
Year-round Elementary School Calendar
Middle School Portrait | Landscape
High School Portrait | Landscape
Traditional Combined Portrait | Landscape

Human Resources Calendar | Payroll Calendar
Google Calendar Planner | Google Calendar Template


2021-22 Calendars Board Approved October 28, 2020
Last Updated May 26, 2021
Specific details for the change to the Friday schedule for the 2021-22 school year may be viewed here
Preschool Calendar
Elementary School Portrait | Landscape
Middle School Portrait | Landscape
High School Portrait | Landscape
Combined Portrait | Landscape

Human Resources Calendar | Payroll Calendar
Google Calendar Template


2022-23 Calendars Board Approved May 25, 2021
Combined Landscape

Calendar Development

The creation of school calendars includes (but is not limited to) navigating and implementing the following policies and laws that govern how a calendar is developed within a given year:

  1. Utah State Board Rule – Traditional: R277-419-4: LEAs shall conduct school for at least 990 instructional hours and 180 school days each school year.
  2. Utah State Board Rule – Year-Round: R277-419-8: A school using a modified 45/15 day year-round schedule initiated prior to July 1, 1995 shall be considered to be in compliance with this rule if a school's schedule includes a minimum of 990 hours of instruction time in a minimum of 172 days.
  3. District Policy D207 – Calendar Development

Calendar Committee Membership

Committee members appointed to a specific term are voting members. All other members serve in an advisory role. Unless otherwise indicated, each committee member's term ends at the conclusion of the indicated school year.

Name Position Email Term Ends
Michael Anderson Associate Superintendent Email
Travis Hamblin Director, Student Services Email
Caleb Olson Consultant, Planning & Enrollment Email
Carmen Covarrubias Administrative Assistant, Student Services Email
Charlene Arko Transportation Email
Sarah Palmer Director, Payroll Email
Tami Bird School Administrator, Elementary School Email
Kelly Giffen JEA Representative Email 2024-25
Tammy Horger JESPA Representative, Nutrition Email 2021-22
Roxane Siggard JESPA Representative, Administrative Secretary Email 2021-22
Arthur Erickson School Administrator, High School Email 2022-23
Kimberly Stewart JEA Representative, Middle School Email 2021-22
Timothy Brooks School Administrator, Middle School Email 2021-22
Kourtney Andreasen Parent Representative, Bingham Feeder Email 2021-22
Jacqui Gale Parent Representative, Copper Hills Feeder Email 2023-24
Jaimi Brewer Parent Representative, Herriman Feeder Email 2021-22
Cherie Oliver Parent Representative, Mountain Ridge Feeder Email 2023-24
Becky McKenzie Parent Representative, Riverton Feeder Email 2023-24
Jane Pierce Parent Representative, West Jordan Feeder Email 2023-24