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Enrollment/Entity Counts – Current and Future

MANUAL - In order to provide a consistent and accurate accounting of student enrollment, and in order to “standardize” enrollment reporting numbers, a report is available in Skyward Student Management for schools to use when asked for the number of students enrolled.  This report is called “Student Enrollment Count by Entity.” The report may be run with detailed student information or by totals only. This report should be used when asked for the "official" student count at a school.

Student Services uses this report for the beginning of the year enrollment, as well as each month on the first day of the month for reporting purposes.  This report is used to determine the October 1 enrollment count reported to the State each year. This report is also used for FTE and adjusted enrollments, and a count of student totals for Special Education services at the school.

The report can be found in Skyward Student Management under Students/Jordan Programs/Entity Reports/Student Enrollment Count by Entity – SE.   For detailed instructions on how to run the report, see the Resources section of this manual.  This report may also be used after the pre-transfers are turned on in January for the following year's enrollment count.

Entity Counts “At-a-Glance”

To get an “at-a-glance” enrollment count of students, the “Entity Counts” screen in Skyward Student under "Advanced Features" will give an up-to-date count of the number of students attending the school. This report is best used for a quick “one number-total number” of students, and NOT to be used for an official count.  Navigate to Student Management/Advanced Features/Entity Counts/Entity Counts:

As needed, use the filters to change the information that display in the browse.

  • All Entity Counts – Counts for all school years.
  • All Included in Entity Totals – This filter is looking at the column Include in Total. Any graduation year that is set to N, then that graduation year will not display in the browse.
  • Current School Year Entity Counts – Current School Year only
  • Current School Year Included in Entity Totals - This filter is looking at the column Include in Total. Any graduation year that is set to N, then that Graduation year will not display in the browse.

Explanation of the columns:

  • Max Students – This is the maximum number of students for the graduation year.
  • Current Count – Each student that is active in the current entity is counted. If a student’s status or graduation year changes then the appropriate entity count is updated.
  • Unduplicated Count – This only includes students active in the current entity and whose default entity is the current entity.
  • Available – This is the max students minus the current count.
  • Include in Total – Should this graduation year be included in the total?

Refresh the Count:

At times the student count may need to be refreshed (the unduplicated count is high, etc.) in the Setup/Utilities screen.  Click “Recount Students” when necessary to refresh the Entity Counts screen.


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