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Kindergarten Registration

MANUAL - In December of each year, schools should begin kindergarten registration efforts for the upcoming school year. Accurate kindergarten data is an essential element in developing a school's kindergarten FTE.

The following steps should be used to establish a kindergarten roster:

    • Send a flyer home with every student.
    • Publicize in the school newsletter – communicate (several times) the importance of getting accurate kindergarten counts.
    • Hang banners announcing Kindergarten registration being accepted for the following school year.
    • Use all other resources available to you. (Skylert, etc.)
    • Schedule kindergarten orientation as early as possible. Check your school's "NSOE" (New Student Online Enrollment) to obtain any pending applications ready for approval.  NOTE: New Student Online Enrollment (NSOE) for the upcoming school year enrollment is available for kindergarten on or around the first week of January.


    • Make a block contact with every home using PTA support.
    • Contact pre-schools in the attendance area of your school.
    • Use a telephone tree operated by parent volunteers with a list of questions for consistency.
    • Contact neighbors who can identify new move-ins.
    • Contact community members who do not have children enrolled in school.
    • Avoid forwarding kindergarten orientation letters to new addresses if a family has moved from your boundary area. Delete that name from your list.

It is important to be diligent in recruiting all the kindergarten students within your school boundary.


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