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Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Reporting in a Timely Manner
  • Verbal Reporting
  • Written Reporting
  • Child Abuse-Neglect Policy
Cohorts and Drop-Outs
  • Definition of "Dropout"
  • Dropout Reporting
Cooperating with DCFS, Law Enforcement, Investigations
  • Investigations and Confidentiality
  • Subpoenas
  • CASA Volunteers
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Student Directory Information
  • FERPA Notification
  • Students Who Want to be Excluded from Directory
  • Requests for Student Directory Information
Graduation, Early Grads and Diploma Status
  • Regular Graduation Status
  • Miscellaneous Graduation Status
  • Summer Early Grad
  • GED Withdrawal Notes
  • Withdraw/Promote to South Valley School
Home School Guidelines
  • Home School Affidavit
  • Other Information about Home School
  • Home school and Student Release Time from School
  • Students Returning from Home School
Hospitalized Student Facilities
  • Serving Hospitalized Students
  • Withdrawing Hospitalized Students for Other Districts
School Path and Pre-Transfers
  • Definition of "Pre-transfer"
  • When and where to change the School Path
Student Type
  • Regular
  • Home Taught
  • Private
Student Name Change Affidavit and Certification
  • Using a Name Other Than the Birth Certificate
  • Changing the Name in Skyward
  • What is UTREX
  • Benefits of Using UTREX

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