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Records Retention

MANUAL - Utah State Archives has developed a Records Retention Schedule to ensure compliance with GRAMA (the Government Records Access Management Act).  Jordan School District requires some records to be kept for longer periods of time than required by the State of Utah. The Records Retention Schedule (also found under "Resources") is a list of the school records and how long each should be retained. It is abbreviated from the original State retention schedule. Call Planning and Student Services for any additional clarification if there is a question on how long to retain a document. It is wise to err on the side of longer retention of records.

Records must be packaged in a specific manner in order to store them at the State Records Retention Center, away from your school site, or to be sent to State Archives for permanent storage.  Official archival boxes must be used, and can be purchased from office supply companies. The records must be packed according to State Archives specifications. Please call Planning and Student Services for assistance in packing and storing old records away from the school site.


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