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Permanent Record Transfer – Mail, Fax or Email

MANUAL - It is imperative that school personnel protect the privacy of students’ education records and comply with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.  This protection is lessened for students in a school setting. For the most part, a student’s privacy rights only extend to admissions information, education records, and conduct reports, making any disclosure of a student’s personal information to an unauthorized third party (without the student’s consent) illegal. However, a school administrators’ right to know and control the school environment where the safety of other students and members of the community is at stake, is protected.

The following information is provided to assist you:

  • Mailing of student education records remains the preferred method for schools requesting outside of Jordan District.
  • A parent release is not required when transferring student records from one school to another. If a parent desires to take the permanent record when moving, make a photocopy of the record and give to the parent.  Keep the original permanent record until it is requested from the new school.
  • Transfer the original cumulative/permanent record for students in grades K through 8. Transfer a certified copy of the cumulative/permanent record along with the original health record (Utah School Immunization Record) of students in grades 9 through 12. These cumulative records shall be archived at each Jordan School District high school.
  • Any school receiving a written request to forward a copy of a transferring student’s record to the new school shall comply within 30 days of the request, and within 10 days of the request for a military child’s records, unless the record has been flagged as a “Missing Child,” in which case the copy may not be forwarded and the requested school shall notify the police department.
  • Faxing student education records should only be considered when there are extreme extenuating circumstances that warrant faxing rather than mailing records. Student education records may be faxed when the following three conditions have been met:
      • Receipt of a written request from the requesting school
      • Written parental consent to fax records (sample form in “Resources” section)
      • Principal authorization
  • Skyward printouts of properly requested student records may be faxed to the district truancy specialist, other district departments requiring information, and juvenile court programs (call truancy specialist to verify which court programs can receive student records).
  • Emailing student records may be done only via Jordan School’s secure email service, MoveIt, which may be found on the Information Systems Gateway on the web. This email service provides the encryption necessary to ensure the security and privacy of student information.  Student records or any personally identifiable information shall not be sent via any other email service. Emailing student records is not recommended.
  • Cumulative files (permanent records) shall NOT be sent to online schools.
  • Cumulative files shall not be sent via Inter-district mail.
  • In the event of a student death, the family may request the file.  If this occurs, you may give the original cumulative file to the family, make a certified copy of the cumulative file and send it to the Planning and Student Services Department at the end of the school year.
  • In the event that an out of district student leaves a Jordan District school and the school is not aware of where to send the file, contact the parents/guardians and/or use UTREX to locate the student's new school.  If unsuccessful, treat the file as a "dead file".

Note:  A diploma, transcript, or report card may not be withheld from a transferring student due to non-payment of school fees (R277-705-8).


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