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MANUAL - There are five (5) documents that most likely will be used for the annual audit of regular grades K-12 membership. The audit trail follows the Membership/Enrollment Report (computer printout); to the computerized quarterly summary; to the computerized daily attendance reports and check-in/check-out forms; to the individual student attendance record.

The online registration report. This report needs to be printed the first week of school. It is a one-page per student report and lists all of the student’s demographic and emergency information. This report has replaced the registration card report that used to have the parent signature. This report has an electronic time/date stamp and verifies the information of the parent who enrolled the student. The auditors will ask for this report and it must be printed the first week of school and updated each time a student enrolls or withdraws.

The Membership/Enrollment Report is the basis for S-3 reporting to the state. The report can be run at any time during the year, but is generally only ran at the end of each quarter. The appropriate membership report becomes the master roll for a given school. Electronic copies of the Year-end Membership Reports will be kept permanently in the Planning and Enrollment office.

The Daily Absence Report The report is a listing of students, alphabetically by grade. In addition, the column showing consecutive absences flags potential students for verification of the correct application of the 10-day membership rule (e.g., those with 10 or more consecutive absences).

Individual Student Attendance Record The attendance screen in Skyward shows, by individual student, detailed information regarding all attendance in a given term. Hard copies of the screen can be made on an “as needed” basis.

Student Enrollment by Entity This report can be run using detailed student information or a summary of totals. This report is the official report for determining student enrollment. Additionally, special education student counts display on this report.

Individual classroom roll books still need to be maintained for vocational education students. However, the attendance portion of the computer system generates a Term to Date Report that may be substituted for the traditional classroom roll books used in vocational education. Instructional (CIP) codes need to be manually written at the top of each report. Hard copies of all term reports for all vocational education classes need to be kept permanently.


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