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Resources for Schools

Attendance Letters and Truancy Resources 
Compulsory Education Information Letter (Parent Signature)
Education Vacation Leave Form
Student Release From School Request
Student Release From School Percentage Reduction  Chart
Ten-Day Withdrawal Letter
Ten-Day Withdrawal Letter - Spanish
Age Appropriate Chart for Enrolling
Acceleration Retention Form Individual Student
Enrollments for School Choice
Enrollment and Staffing Worksheet - Elementary School
Enrollment and Staffing Worksheet - Middle School
Enrollment and Staffing Worksheet - High School
Enrollment and Staffing Worksheet - Title I Elementary School
Enrollment and Staffing - Hourly FTE Percentages
Enrollment and Staffing - Elementary Assistant-in-Lieu Chart
Enrollment and Staffing - FTE Chart for MS and HS
Permit Procedures 20-21
Provisional School Choice Behavior Contract
Quarterly Entries Template
Quarterly Entries Excel Template
Quarterly Exits Template
Quarterly Exits Excel Template
Affidavit of Occupancy
Affidavit of Rental
Durable Power of Attorney
Durable Power of Attorney Revocation
Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) Annual Notification
FERPA Staff Flyer July 2019
FERPA Health and Safety Disclosure
Proof of Residency Model Procedures
Protection of Pupil Rights Notification and Consent/Opt-Out (PPRA)
Residency Determinations
Verification of Guardianship
Home School
Grade Placement of a Student Returning from Home School_Fillable
Home School - Law
Home School - Registration Form
Home School - Registration Information
Faxing of Records Consent Form Sample
Records Retention Schedule
Records Transfer Form
Request for Permanent Records - Individual Student
School Codes for Charter Schools, Private Schools and Other Districts (900 Schools)
Student Information
Affidavit of Birth
Birth Certificate 30-Day Grace Period Sample Letter English/Spanish
Birth Certificate 10-Day (30 Day Grace Expired) Sample Letter English/Spanish
Birth Certificate Sample Letter for Referring to Law Enforcement
Name Change Affidavit
Notice of Investigation (DCFS/Law Enforcement)
Report of Child Abuse-Neglect
Report of Child Abuse-Neglect Checklist
Report of Student Death
Request for Educational Records Notary Form
Year-end Report of Retentions,_Accelerations,_Early Grads or Non Grads


Enrollment Count by Entity Report (Skyward)
Enrollment and Staffing - FTE and Hourly Rates Report
Next Year's Enrollment Report (Skyward)
Permit Report (Skyward)
Quarterly Reports
Students Not Returning (Skyward)


Co-teaching Guideline for Course Master
Change the Enrollment Percentage in Skyward
Enrolling Students from Other Districts
Graduation Cohort Training
PowerSchool School Choice Application Training Manual
PowerSchool School Choice Permit FAQs updated Feb 2020
Open Enrollment Law Training (School Choice Permits) - November 2019
PowerSchool School Choice Permit Training Video - Part 1
PowerSchool School Choice Permit Training Video - Part 2
Revoke Permit Custom Form
Planning and Student Services Manual