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PowerSchool Permit FAQs for Schools

UPDATED 1/7/2021

General Questions:

QWhat if our school is not accepting permits?

         A.   All schools must still must verify, process, and approve (or "hold" or discard) applications regularly (at least once per week).  Understand that you are not approving a permit which allows a student to come to your school, but only approving that fact that someone has applied for a permit.  If the applicant ends up on a Waitlist for the entire year because you are not accepting permits, that's okay.

Q.  What if our parents don’t have access to a computer?

          A.  Some schools have computer workstations for parents to online enroll and do permits. The program is "mobile friendly", too, and can be done on a phone.

Q.  I forgot my password. What do I do?

          A.  Click the “I Forgot My Password” link on the login page.

Q.  I have a parent who insists that their “situation” warrants a permit above all the others. Can I have the District approve this?

          A.  “The District” will just send the parent back to the school. We do not override any school decisions.

Q.  How long do we give parents to accept or reject an offer for a permit (seat)?

          A.  That is up to the school administrator. When the lottery is complete, the email for that says January 15th. We recommend just a week to two weeks for the other enrollment periods after the lottery.

Q.  I made a change to the screen (approved, seated, etc.) and it's not showing the update.  What happened?

          A.  Most likely the browser needs to be refreshed. Try an F5 for a PC and Command R (or Command-Option-R) for a Mac.

Application Questions:

Q.  My parent says they never got a confirmation email when they submitted their application. Do you know why, or where it might be?

         A.  It might have ended up in their SPAM folder as junk email. The email is from PowerSchool.

Q.  I am receiving program permit applications such as DLI and ALPs. What do I do?

         A.  Only applications of students living outside a school boundary (and not part of a program) should be in the School Choice permit system, although there are exceptions for siblings of DLI and ALPS. Program permits are assigned by the District department over that program. Communicate the difference between DLI or ALPS programs vs. boundary permits to the applicant, and discard the application if needed.  Refer applicants to the Teaching and Learning Department for more information about our DLI and ALPS programs.

Q.  How do I deny a permit application?

         A.  There are no automated “denial” emails. You will need to communicate with parents the way you always have, and then discard the record. It is best to communicate with the parents before you discard the record. If a mass results email is sent, the parents may be notified that their application has been removed. Best practice: Discard (deny) the application while it is in the Submission Workspace.  Once it goes to the School Choice Workspace, it gets a bit complicated.  There you will have to remove the application from the list, and then go back to the Submission Workspace and discard the record. PLEASE ADD A NOTE TO THE APPLICATION WHEN YOU DISCARD IT.

Submission Workspace Questions:

Q.  Can I edit the address or student information?

         A.  Some edits done in the Submission Workspace do follow through to the School Choice Workspace, although many fields cannot be edited, such as the school choices and grade levels. If there is a pencil w/red circle and slash; cannot edit.

Q.  Can I recover a discarded record?

         A.  Yes, just make sure your View is set to “Discarded” to find the record. Once you find the record, put a check in the box next to it, go to “Tasks” and “recover” the record.

Q.  I cannot find an application in Submission Workspace; perhaps I discarded it? How do I find it?

         A.  Use the filters. As a note, PowerSchool saves the previously used filter every time you log in. If you previously searched for duplicate records, the next time you log in, you may be on the same filtered search, duplicate records. Discarded records will not show under “All Submissions”. They are filtered separately under “Discarded”.

Verifying Fields and Approving Applications:

Q.  This application is obviously for a program permit (DLI, ALPS, Special Ed, etc.)  What should I do?

         A.  Only non-program applications go through the PowerSchool permit program.  If the request is obviously for a program, contact the applicant and explain that program permits are approved through the district, and to contact the appropriate department.  Then, discard the application.

Q.  Do I really have to "answer" (verify) every single line on this application?  There's a bunch!

         A.  Only if a field has the word "Verified" next to it, and the answer is blank.  From December 1 through December 31, the blank fields require "yes or no" answers.  Beginning January 1, answers can all be "N/A".  We recommend that you also look at the reason the applicant is applying during the lottery.  Did the right fields "open up" to allow an answer that is pertinent to their reason?

Q.  Why is it so important to put something in the "Student Number" field?  What if I don't know the Student ID, or there isn't one?

         A.  The application basically won't go anywhere without something in the Student ID field.  Make it a practice to open Skyward while you're approving applications.  Go to the 000-District Entity, and look up numbers there.  Use the Advanced Search, if necessary.  You would be surprised how many "out of district" and Pre-K students we have numbers for.  Give it a try.  If you truly cannot find a student number, enter 999 or 000 to populate the field.

Q.  How do I answer the “busing” field question?

         A.  If a student lives within (inside, not outside) the mileage range of each School Choice 1, Choice 2, or Choice 3, (1.5 for elementary, and 2.0 for MS/HS), the answer is “yes” for that particular record. The first school of choice needs to answer the bus distance question for all school choices. Google Maps (Directions) is a great resource to use.  Just enter the student’s address in the starting point, and enter each school name (yes, Google can search by school name) in the destination. (Here is a way to remember how to answer the question for secondary schools:  “Two miles or less, say YES!”  Or   for elementary schools: “One point five miles or less, say YES!)   After the lottery, all answers can be "N/A". 

Q.  Can you explain the “Employee” field?

         A.  Students who have a parent or guardian who works for that particular school choice, (or Jordan School District, if special approval is obtained), may have priority when applying for a permit.

Q.  Can you help me with priorities?

         A.  An explanation for the priorities can be found in the document called, "School Choice Permit Procedures".  There is also a breakdown of priorities by school level document.  Look for them all HERE (just click).

Q.  I cannot get the “Approval button” to appear to approve this application. What am I missing?

         A.  Make sure any field that says “Verified” at the end has a value (during the December lottery, answer Yes or No). “N/A” may be used as necessary to populate the field (from January on). Is the record polished? Is there a duplicate needing to be resolved? Or, was the record locked for Administrative Approval?  Is there a Tag (such as Duplicate Record?) These are reasons you cannot approve it.

Q.  Can a parent/guardian see the notes?

         A.  The applicant cannot see the notes, but please be professional. These notes may be subpoenaed by the court.

School Choice Workspace Waitlist Questions:

Q.  A student appeared on my waitlist whom I do not have an application for. Where did it come from?

         A.  Most likely, you are a second or third choice school. During the early enrollment period (the December lottery until the third week in February), students MUST be seated in numerical order on the Waitlist, even if you are the second or third choice school. If you have seats available, you must offer them in the order they show on the Waitlist. You may call the applicant and explain that you will be offering them a seat, and if they accept, they are removed from all the other waitlists.  (They are also told this in the email when they are offered the seat, as well.)

Q.  I want to see the permit application for a student on my waitlist whom I don’t have an application for.  How do I do this?

         A.  You’ll need to contact the 1st Choice school and have them send you a copy of the application, or call Planning and Enrollment for assistance. It is possible, though, to see the school choice schools and other important information in the School Choice Workspace (BEFORE you click the link to your school.) In the section labeled “Students”, click “All”.  Use the filters to find the student, make sure your screen is opened to full-screen, and you will be able to see information such as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Choice Schools, where the student placed on each Waitlist, if the student was put on a Removed List, and even if a school made an offer for a seat.  Email communication may also be viewed here.

School Choice Workspace Seated List Questions:

Q.   How long do I allow an offered seat to remain on the Seated List, before I remove it and offer the seat to someone else?

         A.  It's up to your school administrator. Once the lottery is complete the lottery email says that applicants have until January 15.  After that we recommend just a week or two, but we don't specify that in the results emails.  You will need to communicate that to the applicant.

Q.   I hit the "Accept" checkmark for the applicant (or by accident).  What happens now?  

         A.  When the "Accept" button is clicked (or an applicant accepts the seat via email), the student is removed from all other Waitlists and Seated Lists.  This cannot be reversed.  The applicant must start the entire process over by re-applying.  There is a record's audit that can track what happened, if needed.

Emails and Communication Questions:

Q. Yikes! Mass emails make me nervous. Do I have to use them?

         A.  Not at all. There are “single send” message icons next to each student’s record.

Q.  How can I tell if email communication has taken place?

         A.  In School Choice Workspace, do not go directly to your school. Under “Students”, select “Processed”. Once the list of students appears, set the necessary filters to find the student. Click the folder on the right with the magnifying glass to see the correspondence. If there is no folder, there has been no correspondence with the family.

The Permit Process and Skyward Questions:

Q.  The permit approval process has already made it to Skyward, but now the parent does not want the permit. What do I do?

         A.  If the permit is for the current year, use the revoke custom form.  Manually remove the Reason Code if the permit is for next year.