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Attendance Codes

Type Code Short
Explanation Category Count in
Include in
A Absent Absent and school received no call or note from parent or guardian Unexcused         Y           Y
B Absence Made Up Made-up seat time for unexcused absence Unexcused         Y           Y
C Check in/out Checked in and then later checked out during the same day with valid/verified excuse Excused         N           Y
D In-School Susp In-school suspension Other         N           N
E Verified Ex Abs Absent and considered excused due to illness, medical, dental, funeral, wedding, court appearance, etc. with verified documentation Excused         N           Y
F Abs Waived Make-up absence requirement waived Excused         N           Y
G Guard Knowledge Absent and excused/verified by a guardian phone call. Excused         N           Y
H Home/Hospital Receiving educational services at home due to extended illness, injury or disciplinary placement Other         N           N
I Check In Absent earlier in the day or period; checked in with valid/verified excuse (Secondary Only) Excused         N           Y
J Testing/SEOP Absent due to testing, SEOP, etc. Other         N           N
K Detention Absent/being held in county detention center Other         N           N
L Excused Tardy Came to class late with valid and verified excuse; made up a tardy Tardy         N           Y
N School Activity Absent due to school-sponsored activity Other         N           N
O Check Out Left school/period with a valid/verifed excuse (Secondary Only) Excused         N           Y
P Present Used only in Positive Attendance program Other         N           N
Q Parent Note Parent provided written excuse/verified electronic note in timely manner indicating date of absence Excused         N           Y
R Resolved Truancy Truancy was resolved by student/school official Unexcused         Y           Y
S Suspension Out-of-school suspension Other         N           N
T Unexcused Tardy Came to class 10 minutes or less late Tardy         N           Y
U Unexc Check In Absent earlier in the day or period and checked in without a valid/verified excuse Unexcused         Y           Y
V Vac/Educ Leave Absent due to a pre-arranged vacation or education leave Excused         N           Y
W Way Late Came to class more than 10 minutes late (Secondary Only) Unexcused         Y           Y
X Counselor Conf In conference with a counselor or school personnel Other         N           N
Y Admin Conf In conference with a school administrator Other         N           N
Z Verified Truant Truant verified by parent/guardian, police or school official such as left school with no check-out, not arriving as expected, or missing any part of a day or scheduled class without permission Unexcused         Y           Y



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