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Attendance Codes

Manual The following list of codes will become the official Skyward attendance codes beginning July 2021.

Schools may choose to add additional reason codes if needed and approved by the building principal. Because Skyward only allows for reports to be run on absence types, creating large numbers of absences reasons does not provide much in terms of utility or benefit. Schools should use the comment field whenever possible to clarify the details of an absence instead of creating an additional reason code.

Absence codes count in Total Attendance/Truancy for the period in which they were entered in Skyward attendance.

Type Reason Usage/Explanation Skyward Type Replaces Old Code(s)
A Unexcused absence Unexcused A
  SB Substitute roll (Secondary Only-can be used to indicate absence was recorded by the substitute teacher).    
B Made-up/Cleared absence (by student - Secondary only) Unexcused B, R
A Made-up unexcused absence
Z Made-up truancy
C Check-in/out by guardian (Secondary only) Excused C, I, O
I Check-in
O Check-out
SP In-and-out or out-and-in during same period
D In-school suspension Other D
E Guardian-excused absence Excused E, G, Q
F Made-up/Cleared absence (by administrator - Secondary only) Excused F
H Home & Hospital Other H
K Supervised custody/detention/crisis or treatment center Other K
L Excused/cleared tardy Tardy L
N School-excused absence Other N, J, X, Y
(blank) General school or class activity, field trip, class assignment, etc.
AD Administration, meeting with an administrator, etc.
CO Counselor, psychologist, group session, PCCR meeting, etc.
SR Sick room
TS Testing
P Present (used only for positive attendance sign-in or learner- demonstrated virtual participation) Other P
S Out-of-school suspension Other S
T Tardy Tardy T
U Unexcused check-in Unexcused U
V Guardian-excused vacation absence (no more than 10 days/school year) Excused V

“Way late” tardy, more than 10 minutes (Secondary only)

Unexcused W
Z Verified truancy during the school day Unexcused Z

2021-22 Attendance Code Introduction Handout Updated 07202021


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