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Residency and Guardianship

In order for a student to enroll in Jordan School District, state law requires that parents or guardians provide evidence to establish residency (Utah Code §53G-6-302-306).  The Utah State Board of Education provides school districts with a “Proof of Residency Model Procedures” form (see below) which identifies the documents allowed to establish residency.

The “Student/Family Residency Questionnaire” has been developed to assist schools in determining the status of a student’s residency and is provided in both English and Spanish. Parents/guardians are required to fill out this form at the time of registration or enrollment.

Student residency and guardianship situations can vary, such as:

  • Student lives with custodial parent/legal guardian;
  • Student lives with non-custodial parent, grandparent, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, etc.;
  • Student resides with a responsible adult;
  • Student is emancipated or married;
  • Student is homeless;
  • Student is supervised by a state agency;
  • Student is a USBE approved exchange student;
  • or, a student is residing in the state, but the parent or legal guardian is not.

Our department can assist you with any residency or guardianship needs.  Please feel free to call our Planning and Enrollment department if you have any questions about residency or guardianship at 801-567-8183.

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