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Student Education Records

Student education records are those records which contain personally identifiable information, maintained by each school. It is imperative that school personnel protect the privacy of students’ education records and comply with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).  Therefore, a school will release student records to either the legal custodial parent/guardian or non-custodial parent/guardian unless a court ordered restriction is in place (Utah Code §53G-7-204).

Students who have graduated, or turn 18 (whichever occurs last), or are emancipated (eligible student) become the custodian of their own educational records. Parents/guardians do not have access to these students’ records without a written request of records authorized by the student.


Need an official transcript?  Contact the last school of record a student attended. Transcripts are kept indefinitely at the last high school of attendance.

To obtain an official record of enrollment (notarized), contact Planning and Enrollment at 801-567-8183.

GRAMA Request

To request public records under the Utah Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA), download the Utah Government Records Request Form provided on the Utah Office of the Attorney General's websiteGRAMA requests should include the requestor's name or entity, and detailed specifics about the information or records requested.   Requests may be addressed to

     Jordan School District Communications
     Attn:  Sandra Riesgraf
     7387 S . Campus View Drive
     West Jordan, UT 84084. 

Requests can also be submitted online at the Utah Open Records Portal. Direct your request to the Jordan School District, found by searching under the "K-12 Education" section.