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Birth Certificate Requirements

Any student wishing to enroll for the first time in a Jordan School District school is required to provide an original or certified* birth certificate issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics at the time of enrollment. If a birth certificate is not available at the time of enrollment, a 30-day grace period is available to allow time to obtain the birth certificate.

In rare cases, when an official birth certificate cannot be obtained, other reliable documents that could be accepted as proof of birth are: taxes, a midwife certificate, religious blessing or baptismal records, affidavits from government officials, etc. which can provide proof of the student’s name and age. When a document other than the birth certificate is provided, an affidavit must be included explaining the inability to produce a copy of the birth certificate. Sorry, but we are not allowed to accept a passport or visa as proof of birth.

Any questions regarding birth certificate requirements? Contact your student’s school or Jordan School District’s Planning and Enrollment Department at 801-567-8183.

Statutory references:


*Certified means a birth certificate issued by the Bureau of Vital Statistics (not a copy).  It will have a raised seal or a colored, embossed seal.


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