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Retention & Acceleration

When a student enrolls in Jordan School District for the first time, they are placed according to their age.  This includes students who enroll from another state or country.  The next consecutive grade placement will be honored for students coming to Jordan from another school or district within the state of Utah.  According to Utah law, any student who is not five years of age before September 2nd of the year they will be entering school shall not be enrolled (R277-419-2).

Student acceleration or retention may be considered for students enrolled in Jordan District when requested by the parent(s)/legal guardian(s).  Requests for acceleration or retention are made at the local school.  Acceleration or retention requests for students enrolling in Jordan District for the first time may be considered only after the student has been enrolled according to their age and appropriate time has been given for observation (usually about six weeks).

Research indicates that inappropriate acceleration or retention is more harmful than beneficial.  For this reason, decisions regarding student acceleration or retention are made only after the student's physical, emotional, intellectual, behavioral and social maturity has been assessed and reviewed by the school team.  The decision to accelerate or retain a student is the responsibility of the school team under the direction of the school administrator.

If the decision of the school team is contrary to the requested action, the parent(s)/legal guardian(s) may appeal the decision by submitting a letter of appeal to the Administrator of Planning and Student Services.

Questions regarding acceleration or retention should be directed to the local school.


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