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The Residency Questionnaire

MANUAL - The Student/Family Residency Questionnaire has been developed to assist with the process of enrolling homeless students and to bring the district into compliance with the McKinney-Vento Act. This questionnaire has been included in the “School Resources” section of this manual. It is imperative that the parents of every student who attends your school, anytime during the school year, complete this residency questionnaire annually.

The form is provided in both English and Spanish, which can be copied back to back. Please make additional copies of both the English and Spanish versions. These copies could then be given to the registrar, attendance office, and/or counselors to give to students entering your school during the school year who did not participate in the initial registration.

This notification must be included with registration materials, mailed or provided to all parents/students. The form will be included in the elementary and middle school registration booklets and the online registration materials. Please make sure that the form is returned with other registration materials. The form is not optional; all students are required to complete and return the questionnaire.

If there is any question as to whether or not the Residency Questionnaire has deemed a student as homeless, please call the District Homeless Liaison.  Not all temporary residences are considered homeless.  At the bottom of the questionnaire are instructions for the parents and the school. If any of the questionnaires are returned to the school that indicate a temporary residence, please forward the forms immediately to the Jordan School District Homeless Liaison in Alternative Language Services or call the liaison directly.


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