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Ten Day Absence Withdrawal Rule

MANUAL - According to Utah Administrative Rule, a student must be withdrawn after ten (10) consecutive days of unexcused absences (R277-419-5).   The school shall send a certified letter notifying the parents of the pending withdrawal and provide adequate time for a response before withdrawing the student from school PRIOR to the actual withdrawal (see sample letter in the “Resources” section).

Excused absences do not fall under this rule, and therefore, do not require withdrawal.  They include:

  • Illness
  • Hospitalization
  • Home and Hospital services
  • Any pending court investigation or action
  • A prior-approved education leave

Schools shall withdraw students after ten (10) consecutive days of absence, unless they fit one or more of the exceptions listed above. The withdrawal date would be entered as of the eleventh day to show the previous ten (10) days as unexcused absences regardless of the total number of accumulated unexcused absences.

If it is determined that the pupil has left school for one of the following reasons: completion, dismissal, death, transfer or administrative withdrawal, the date of withdrawal must be the day after the last day of attendance or within ten (10) days after the last day of attendance.

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