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School Path and Pre-Transfers

MANUAL - A “pre-transfer” is a Skyward utility which “transfers” a student enrollment record from one school to another for the upcoming school year. This new enrollment record allows the next year’s school to do future enrollment counts and future scheduling.  Each year the nightly pre-transfer utility becomes available in January. The “School Path” tab in the Skyward Student system is the screen the program uses to determine the pre-transfer.

The student criteria for a pre-transfer includes:

  • Any student in any grade at any entity
  • The student’s current status is “active”
  • The student’s next year’s status is either “active” or “inactive”

The School Path screen criteria for a pre-transfer includes:

  • The student must have either a “CY Path” or a “Next Year School”
  • If there is a “Next Year School” the student will pre-transfer to that school
  • If there is no “Next Year School” the student will remain in their default entity until their grade moves them to the next school level, using the CY Path

The school a student is currently attending (the default school) is responsible for enrollment, and therefore responsible for the School Path tab. Once a student is enrolled, check the School Path tab for accuracy.  The School Path tab should be changed only when a permit is produced, although there are some exceptions which are on a case-by-case basis:

  • If a student plans to move during summer break to another school in the district, do not change the School Path tab or the student’s address until after the last day of school. If a student has an address outside your school boundary at any time during the school year, a permit is required.
  • Student Services keeps track of some Jordan District boundary students who attend schools outside our district at an entity in Skyward named 904 (Out of District). When enrolling a student, if you find that they are is active in the 904 Entity, notify Student Services to either pre-transfer or withdraw the student. This allows you to enroll the student at your entity with an accurate student number and SSID number.
  • If a student plans to attend a 904 (Out of District) school next year, the default school may change the School Path screen to reflect that. Enter the school number (charter, other district, etc.) the student is promoting to in the “Next Year School” field and change it to “Manual Override”. Note that parents may tell you they are sending their student to a charter or private school, but unless they are truly accepted, don’t do the pre-transfer.
  • If you are certain that a student is leaving Jordan School District at the end of the school year, enter “999” in the “Next Year School” field and click “Manual Override”. This will prevent the student’s record from being promoted back to your school.
  • If a student plans to be home taught the following year, notify Planning and Student Services at 801.567.8259.


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