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Child Abuse and Neglect

MANUAL - School employees are in a position of trust and as such, are statutorily required reporters. If a school employee knows or reasonably suspects that a child is being abused or neglected (which can be physical, emotional, or sexual), the employee shall immediately make an oral report to the school principal or his/her designee (JSD Policy AS70 Child Abuse-Neglect Reporting by School Personnel).

It is not the responsibility of the school employee to prove that the child has been abused, neglected, or in need of protection, but only to support a reason to believe that a problem exists. Those who report the suspected abuse are immune from civil/criminal liability when reporting in good faith and may remain anonymous. Complete confidentiality must be maintained throughout the entire process. Employees shall not make contact with the child’s family or other persons to determine the cause of abuse or neglect. (Board Rule R277-401 and §62A-4a-403).

Report a suspected case to DCFS/CPS in a timely manner.  If the incident is reported to more than one agency, each agency that is notified shall receive both the verbal and written reports.

  • A verbal report shall be immediately reported to DCFS/CPS (who will contact law enforcement) with any knowledge of, or suspicion of neglect.
      • Immediately inform a school administrator or designee.
      • Together, the school employee and school administrator or designee shall immediately report to DCFS/CPS.
      • The report may be made to a peace officer or local law enforcement agency in addition to DCFS/CPS.
      • The report shall be made by the person who reasonably suspects abuse, neglect or dependency; or to whom the student directly reported.
      • Upon concluding the verbal report, immediately complete the “Report of Child Abuse-Neglect” form (in the “Resources” section of this manual).
  • A written report (Report of Child Abuse-Neglect) shall be sent to DCFS/CPS (or other agency) within 24 hours of the verbal report.
      • The Report of Child Abuse-Neglect form shall serve as the written report.
      • Complete the "Report of Child Abuse-Neglect" form accurately and completely.
      • A school administrator or designee shall sign the form.
      • Mail a copy to DCFS/CPS or any other agency that was notified of the suspected case.
      • Place of copy in a file at the school (NOT the student’s cumulative folder).

Planning and Student Services will manage Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting in the District by:

  • Providing an annual in-service training for school administrators on the subject of identifying and reporting children suspected of being abused or neglected. Jordan School District’s Policy on Child Abuse-Neglect Reporting by School Personnel can be found online at Jordan School District’s website at (
  • Provide reporting forms and other materials to schools as requested. Forms may be found online at


DCFS/DPS contact information:

  • Call the verbal report to: 1-855-323-3237
  • Mail the written report to: DCFS Intake, 10008 S. Creek Run Way, Sandy, UT 84070


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