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Boundaries and Bus Stops

MANUAL - Boundaries are determined using comprehensive demographic planning software built from GIS technology specifically developed for the needs of school districts, along with input from various local sources such as the Board of Education, city leaders, district administrators, and patrons. Information about upcoming boundary changes or building of new schools is posted on the Jordan District website. Parents and students involved in boundary changes are notified in advance of the boundary changes and may even be asked to participate in a survey.

Employees and patrons may locate a boundary school and bus stop on the Planning and Student Services webpage on Jordan School District’s website. Once on the Jordan District website, click “Parents and Students” and then “Boundaries and Bus Stops” ( Jordan School District standardizes addresses with the county, therefore, only county recognized addresses are accepted in the boundary software (Edulog) and Skyward. When entering an address on the WebQuery screen, be sure to include a directional such as N, S, E and W. Hint: It is easier to do an address search if when entering the address, the suffix is not used (ST, DR or WY).  The WebQuery program is capable of doing partial searches, and often will find an address easier when the street suffix is left off.

At the bottom of the Boundaries and Bus Stops page on the Planning and Student Services website are additional interactive maps which use “Google Map” type software.  The current boundaries are available, as well as next year’s boundaries for each school level.  These maps allow an address to be entered for searching, and additional base maps which allow the map to be viewed from different perspectives. The “Home” button will bring the map back to its original extent.

Boundaries may also be view on each school’s individual webpage at the Jordan District website under “Our Schools”.  From the school’s main page, pull down to the bottom of the page. The map may be viewed as is, or viewed as a larger map. There is a search bar in the top right hand corner to enter an address, and a variety of base maps to change the perspective of the map.

If there are questions regarding school boundaries, please contact Planning and Enrollment. For questions regarding whether or not a student is bused, or what bus a student would ride, call the Transportation Department at 801-567-8840.


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