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End of Year Attendance (Same As Days)

MANUAL - Daily student attendance shall be taken until the last day of the school year. Skylert notices continue to go home as students attend school through the end of the school year. Once the final Skylert message has been sent, the “Same-As” utility in Skyward may be applied to the last six days of attendance.  This utility allows a “best case scenario” to finalize school attendance reporting to the State for the year. (Typically, the first three of the last six days will have better attendance than the last three.)

The “same as” attendance dates utility in Skyward may be applied after the final Skylert is sent home to parents on the last day of school.

  • Elementary school Skylerts go out at 10:30 am. The “same as” days may be applied any time after 10:30 am on the last day of school and must be completed by 5:00 pm on the last day of school.
  • Middle/High school Skylerts go out at 4:00 pm and must be completed by 3:00 pm. the following day.

The “Attendance Cloning” utility ("same as" attendance dates utility) is found in Skyward under Student Management/Office/Jordan Program/Utilities. The utility will apply the attendance as follows:

  • A student attends all six days; no change in their attendance.
  • A student attends the first three days (of the six) and not the last three days; it changes their last three days of attendance to present.
  • A student does not attend the first three days (of the six) but attends the last three days; no change to the last three days.
  • Any attendance which shows as present will not be changed.

Run all the end of year attendance reports before running the utility in order to have accurate accounting of students’ actual attendance. The attendance report for the last six (6) days is found in Skyward Student:

  • Go to Office/Attendance/Reports/Attendance Detail or Summary-AD.
  • Add a new report. Name it “Same as Days (school year)”.

NOTE:  (Year round elementary will need one report for A Track and one report for B/C/D Track. Choose the track in the “Student Selection Ranges, Calendar”; example:  A to AZZZZZ)

  • Student Selection: Status, Active Students
  • Report Ranges: It should default to current year.
  • Absence Date: Enter the dates for the last six days (or track days) of school.
  • Absence Types: C, E, F, G, I, O, Q, V, A, U, W, H, K, S
  • Report Options:
    • Print Absence Types Selected.
    • Print Absence Periods Selected.
  • Formatting Options:
    • Name Order: Last Name/First Name
    • Format Type: Days Missed
  • Save and Print.

Do not change any attendance showing as present.  Only absences on the last three (3) days will need to be compared to the first three (3) days (of the last six) attendance days for changes.


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