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Home School Registration

The State of Utah requires a parent complete and file an affidavit with their local school district stating their intent to home school and become solely responsible for their child’s education.  (Affidavits and free notary service are available at Jordan School District in the Planning and Student Services Department.)

Once the affidavit is signed and notarized, the parent must present a copy of the affidavit to their student’s local school (if currently enrolled) so the student may be withdrawn to home school. Within the next 30 days, the school district will send an exemption certificate to the parents for the current school year, and again by August 1st, for each year thereafter. The affidavit will remain valid as long as the student is being home schooled in Jordan School District. (It is not necessary for a parent to renew the affidavit each year.) If home schooling is discontinued, or the student moves out of  Jordan School District, parents should notify Jordan District's Planning and Student Services Department in writing.

Students may maintain their home school status and be dual enrolled in a public school, as long as it does not exceed the daily enrollment allowed by the State (generally less than fifty percent).  Many online schools access public school funding, therefore students may not be enrolled in these schools and their local school simultaneously.  Students may also participate in extracurricular or co-curricular activities at their local school, subject to compliance with state guidelines and the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) rules.

Contact Planning and Student Services for any questions or additional information at 801.567.8183.

Statutory References

Utah Code 53G-6-204, 53G-6-302, 53G-6-702

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