Forms & Documents

Document Name Type
Durable Power of Attorney file_pdf
Enrollments for School Choice file_pdf
Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) Annual Notification file_pdf
Foreign Exchange Student Agency Assurance file_pdf
Foreign Exchange Student Agreement file_pdf
Foreign Student Application file_pdf
Foreign Student Registration Guidelines file_pdf
Form A - Request for Student Released Time from School file_pdf
Form B - Request for Student Released Time from School file_pdf
Home School Law file_pdf
Home School Registration Form file_pdf
Home School Registration Information file_pdf
Parent/Host Student Agreement file_pdf
Planning and Student Services Procedures Manual file_pdf
Proof of Residency -- English and Spanish file_pdf
Protection of Pupil Rights Notification and Consent/Opt-Out (PPRA) file_pdf
Public Law for Foreign Students file_pdf
Quarterly Entries Revised file_pdf
Quarterly Exits Revised file_pdf
Report of Deaths file_pdf
Request for Educational Records Notary Form file_pdf
School Boundary Information file_link
School Calendars file_link
Student/Family Residency Questionnaire - English file_pdf
Student/Family Residency Questionnaire - Spanish file_pdf
Year-end Report of Retentions & Non-Graduating Seniors file_pdf
Year-end Report of Accelerations & Early Graduates file_pdf